KOS Education Scholarship Recipients

The KOS Scholarship is open to any graduating high school senior in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas who show a need for financial assistance.

Keyaira Davis

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JaBria Neal

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Teresa Balderas

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Richard Quang

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Kristopher Vine

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KOS is starting a new Street Developers Technology Program and is excited to extend these services to our youth in hopes of launching the next generation of cyber innovators! Read More


KOS Education

The KOS Scholarship is open to any graduating high school senior in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas who show a need for financial assistance. Recipients of the KOS scholarship also should be youth who have exemplified outstanding academic achievements, demonstrated leadership abilities, and have extended themselves to their community through community service. If selected as a finalist, the student must be available at the time and location indicated for a personal interview. The application can be submitted via email or a paper copy can be mailed to KOS headquarters. Once the application is submitted via web or mail the student must also submit other required documentation by mail. Listed below are the requirements for the application process.

  • Completion of KOS Online Application
  • Obtain 3 Letters of Recommendation (Community, Teacher, and Personal/Mentor)
  • Obtain a copy of High School Transcript (with final GPA)
  • Submit TAKs Scores and SAT/ACT Scores

Applicants must remember to submit letters of recommendation, high school transcript, and test scores via mail to KOS in order for their application to be accepted. Any submitted application that does not include documentation required will not be processed.

Please note that KOS Scholarship recipients are asked to participate in KOS Community Projects/Workshops.

Be Brave Education

Becoming Youth of the Year representative for the West Dallas Braves Boys & Girls Club was undoubtedly a proud accomplishment for founder of KOS, Tiesha White. Becoming a Youth of the Year representative continues to be an accolade that many youth humbly accept. To further compete and take her place as the 2001 Youth of the Year representing all of the Greater Dallas Boys & Girls Clubs, offered Mrs. White her first scholarship as a senior in high school. Receiving the Youth of the Year scholarship exemplified hope and gave Mrs. White the confidence of knowing that there was a community and organization that would be there to support her.

The Be Brave Scholarship is awarded to a deserving youth of the year candidate each year in honor of the West Dallas Braves Boys & Girls Club. The Be Brave scholarship recipient should be one of good character and one who exemplifies great leadership abilities. The recipient should also be a youth who has displayed hard work in regards to academics, and one who has extended a great amount of service to the Boys & Girls Club as well as their community in order for their application to be accepted. Any submitted application that does not include documentation required will not be processed.

This scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Boys & Girls Club Scholarship Committee.

About Us


The vision of Kids Off the Streets not-for-profit Foundation extended from the founder, Tiesha White, who desperately seeks to pour back into her community and youth the support and opportunities others afforded her. Facing adversities early on in life, Mrs. White's disabled mother and schizophrenic father struggled to meet her basic needs. With the love and support of her teachers, mentors, and Boys & Girls Club, Tiesha White began to dream and obtain goals she once believed were impossible. Mrs. White strives to inspire and encourage youth to pursue their dreams of achieving a higher education as well as to face life's challenges with a positive attitude, and with the intent to prevail. The foundation's name originates from her paternal grandmother and father's last name "Streets." Tiesha’s grandmother Betty Streets, also known as “Nana", stepped in to help with raising her due to her mother and father’s strenuous life circumstance. The vision of KOS is a compilation of opportunities Mrs. White received from those who cared to see her advance in life despite difficult circumstances.

Advancement Programs

While providing financial funding to deserving youth serves as an integral component to the organization, KOS also hopes to help young men and women develop character based upon strong moral values and one of integrity. Through the use of KOS Advancement Programs (Character & Leadership Development, Educational Advancement, Career Skill Building, Mentorship, and Community Involvement) youth will gain awareness about college, careers, personal, professional as well as social ethics. Most importantly, youth will become productive members of society and make significant contributions to those that follow behind them. We hope to impact the community by extending ourselves to persons with disabilities, our seniors, and being first responders to families in need.

Mission and Purpose

Although the measure of success is defined so differently for all that seek to accomplish it, the road to success is not easy. The mission and purpose of Kids Off the Streets is to provide a glimpse of tomorrow’s future for underprivileged youth by encouraging the pursuit of academic growth and excellence. KOS will allow youth's ideas to grow and develop using a multifaceted approach. Given the resources and financial support needed, distinguished high school graduates can seek to earn a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. Through the aid, compassion, and dedication of individuals from many walks of life, KOS will spark students to become pioneers, authors, humanitarians, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Matched with a committed Life Coach, youth will be well equipped and empowered to become or remain resilient to the life challenges they have faced or will encounter. Our passion is to grow one kid at a time by broadening the scope of their minds and providing them with a sense of hope and liberation. Igniting the flame… empowering youth to run life’s journey carrying the Torch!

Founder's Message

Many times you find your passions nestled inside your very own circumstance! To think, as a youth who needed much care and guidance I recieved nurturing love, care, and support from a number of individuals. Mentors and teachers who knew nothing regarding my circumstance or the troubles of my heart, saw fit to help me along the way. Today, I meet youth who do not have one mentor in their life.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my mentors early on was the gift of giving. Because I came from an impoverished community I thought I had nothing to offer the world, more so the people around me. I quickly learned that the art of giving had little to do with the amount of money you have. It is the intangible things such as time and nurturance that made giving so beautiful. The use of my hands, the love in my heart, the way I cared enough to care for people was my way of giving without knowing. I'm so thankful for mentors who encouraged me to participate in community service projects while in grade school and so on through high school. By the time I graduated from high school, I served my community with over 4,000 hours. Engaging in community efforts at an early age encouraged me to choose service as a way of life.

I worked at Children's Medical Center as a nurse extern, through a summer program in which, I gained much awareness regarding the needs of not only the patient but their family members as well. My days at the hospital included me carefully removing IVs, sitting and playing with small children who were waiting for their siblings to come out of surgery, or joyfully discharging a patient in a wheelchair to their car. I found myself happy working in this environment, because I was there caring for those who needed it.

I have also served in the field as a home-health care professional as well as a nurse aide in a nursing home setting. Day in and day out, I drove to local resident's homes and provided care needed. Whether it was laundry to be washed, fresh orange juice to be squeezed, food to be prepared, or simply company to be kept, I still found joy in giving to those who needed it. Feeding and bathing individuals who could no longer care for themselves are memories I'll treasure forever. Life stories to be remembered, personalities that changed quicker than the weather, I think in this instance they gave me more than I could give them!

Now working as a case manager for a foster care and adoption agency, I find this job very rewarding in so many ways. One way in particular is that I get a chance to speak words of wisdom into youth who need to hear it from someone who has had similar experiences. Reminded of the disappointments and traumas I experienced in life, I find myself wanting to serve children and families more and more.

With a greater desire to give, I'm simply recycling what was given to me!


KOS and volunteers prepared our 2nd annual Valentine dinner on February 7th, 2015 for the men of the Agape Group Home. Youth volunteers served the Dallas residents their meal! We truly appreciate our youth and their contribution in this day of giving. Through KOS we strive to express to youth the importance of serving members of the community.

KOS wants to recognize students from Stepping Stones of Knowledge Academy, these youth have demonstrated great character and leadership skills. SSOK students will enjoy the movie screening Monsters University. We hope to bring awareness to our youth about the importance of achieving a higher education. Even Monsters want to achieve greatness!!

K.O.S. C.A.R.E.S.- Keeping Our Seniors Capable, Ambitious, Rich in spirit, Eager, and Smiling! Kids Off the Streets Foundation will select a local nursing home facility to visit in efforts to bring joy to residents with a day of games and fun! Check back soon for a specific date and time as well as nursing home location.

Bootstrap - A programming curriculum that uses Geometry and Algebra concepts to teach kids how to build their very own video game. Bootstrap not only teaches youth how to code, but shows them how to problem solve, evaluate a solution, and build test cases. Through this program, our goal is to ignite a flame within our youth for technology at an early age, and plant a seed of excitement for the Computer Science industry.


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